The bombing victim helped identify the bombing suspects

Jeff Bauman Jr. with girlfriend Erin Hurley

Jeff Bauman Jr. with girlfriend Erin Hurley

The first bomb exploded near the finish line of the Boston marathon on April 15. And one of the victims was Jeff Bauman, Jr. 27, of Chelmsford, Massachusetts who had both legs blown off. He was there waiting and cheering his girlfriend runner Erin Hurley and friends to reach finish line.

Emergency responders and volunteers, including Carlos Arredondo rushed to the scene. Arredondo lifted the bleeding Bauman to a wheelchair and did first aid to stop Bauman’s wounds from bleeding. Arredondo torn up a sweeter to devise tourniquets, saving his patient from death due to lose of blood, then rushed him to an ambulance.

Here is the image of the badly injured Jeff Bauman with the quick-thinking hero Arredondo in cowboy hat.

As told to Bloomberg news by his brother Chris, Bauman regained consciousness from surgery and wrote a note which reads: “bag, saw the guy, looked right at me.” The FBI took opportunity of the situation and interviewed the gutsy Bauman. He related having seen a man who was wearing sunglasses and a black jacket; who left a bag at his feet that exploded minutes later.

This provided a lead for FBI to look for somebody as they sift through massive amount of footage from surveillance cameras and digital images contributed by the public

A man with a backpack was singled out that Wednesday. FBI’s Special Agent Richard DesLauriers called it “a single person of interest.” The public got wind of the break and rumors have it that a suspect had been identified and that an arrest has been made.

DesLauriers proved that he was qualified for the task. He had learned from experience how going public can result in the apprehension of even wily fugitives.

His colorful experiences in counterintelligence work have instilled in him the importance of seeing who keeps company with whom. He was the lead agent in the case that toppled down a Russian spy ring, including the couple who inspired the TV show The Americans

He held off a bit longer despite pressure to confirm that there was indeed a significant development in the case, which authorities and public alike all wanted so desperately to be solved.

But DesLauriers later said that they were determined to find out if the suspect was acting alone or in cohorts with others.

In the course of searching for more images of the young man Bauman had described, investigators soon came upon video footage of that person of interest walking in tandem with another young man with a backpack. The two seemed to maintain a constant distance apart, as if making a conscious effort of not looking like they were together. They seemed to have a shared feeling of satisfaction.

The FBI are now provided with images of the second young man leaving his backpack at the exact location of the second bomb and then sprinting away before the explosion. And as for the first bomb that went off earlier, Bauman had already described it to them how it was planted.

At 5 in the afternoon of Thursday, DesLauriers was ready to tap the same power that had produced the crucial break in one of the biggest cases in Boston. Whitey Bulger was captured after an Icelandic woman saw a CNN report about an FBI TV ad asking people to keep a lookout for the gangster and his girlfriend. The woman recognized the pictures and Bulger was soon in custody on charges that include 19 murders.

DesLauriers now released images of the two young men, describing them as Suspect No. 1 and Suspect No. 2.

Today, he said, we are asking the public’s help to identify the two suspects. With media’s help, these images will be delivered directly into the hands of millions around the world.

Suspect No. 1 matches Bauman’s description, wore a cap, sunglasses, a black jacket and tan pants. He had a backpack that seemed quite heavy.

Suspect No. 2 wore a white cap with brim turned backward, making his face more visible. He wore a dark jacket, a gray hoodie and dark pants. He carried a backpack slung on his right shoulder.

In the image where the second bomb was placed. Suspect No. 2 can be seen from the railing at the edge of the marathon route. He’s talking on a cellphone in his left hand. His right shoulder shows no longer the strap of his backpack which he had apparently set it down and briskly walked away before the blast.

However, the first big break in the case reportedly came after Bauman asked a nurse in the recovery room for a pen and paper and wrote the note saying he had seen one of the bombers.

And this is how a bombing victim himself helped identify, name and apprehend the April 15 Boston Marathon bombers, brothers Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tzarnaev.

Source: How a Famous Marathon Bombing Victim Helped Name the Suspects