Bridging blog, post, page for easy find:

• Why is water getting scarce, link
• Little Stories with moral lessons, link
• The gods punish brown men, link
• Common parasites in children, others, link
• Minesweeper runs aground at Tubattaha Reef …, link
• Know beforehand why the flu gets unto you, link
• LeBron James becomes the youngest NBA basketball player …, link
• Armless pilot marries a taekwondo instructor, link
• Miss World Philippines 2012 , link
• Discarded plastics are made into petroleum in the Philippines, link
• Turkish leader foils assassin, link
• Comedy King Dolphy helps bettors , link

• Top sexual performer, link
• Pres. Bill Clinton gets 70th annual Golden Globes Awards, link

• Prince Harry kills Afghan, link

• Philippines: Lifting of USS Guardian …,link

• England King Richard’s Skeleton …link

• Algeria seige death toll includes 8 Filipinos, link

• World’s biggest croc died, link

• bin-Laden’s killer feels neglected,link

• Danica Patrick,link

• Russia’s Feb 15, 2013 asteroid blast,link

• Bamboo Organ of Las Pinas, link

• Compensation law for Martial Law victims, P10 Billion, link

• Donaire-Rigondeaux world titlw boxing fight, April 13,link

• Florida man swallowed by sinkhole, link

• The hill to bury negativism, link


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