(Video) Man’s knowledge of CPR saves kid’s life in Perth supermarket

On Sunday the Collards with their 2-year old daughter Shaylar went shopping in a Perth supermarket when unexpectedly the toddler lost consciousness and her breathing ceased.

The distressed mom Amy called shoppers for help. A couple readily answered the call by turning the patient upside down, thinking she was choking and trying to revive her. Amy rushed outside to look for her husband Michael Narkle, who broke down at the sight of lifeless daughter.

The situation appears hopeless as numerous attempts to wake Shaylar fail and her desperate father paces the store in despair.

However Rowan O’Neill, the cool man leading the rescue effort, would not give up hope. He made a final attempt and performed mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on the little girl lying on the store counter.

Incredibly, the girl manifested signs of life and opened her eyes. Her father was told of the good news.

Emotionally Mr, Narkle and his daughter’s saviour Rowan O’Neill found each other in a tight embrace.
Shoppers watching by cried as the moment of happiness sunk in.

2-year old Shaylar was believed to have been struck by a high fever. She’s now home after a night in the hospital.

Shaylar’s parents Amy Collard and Michael Narkle had brimful of thanks for Australian builder Rowan O’Neill and his knowledge of CPR for saving Shaylar’s life.

This accompanying video captures the event.

2-year old Shaylar

2-year old Shaylar

Shaylar in mother's arms after the incident

Shaylar in mother’s arms after the incident

Source: Man saves toddler’s life …


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