104 Filipinos including Kiram’s family detained in Malaysia

residents evacuated to safer ground, Mar. 17, 2013

residents evacuated to safer ground, Mar. 17, 2013

Published online report from the Malaysian Insider, dated March 17 said 104 people including Jamalul Kiram’s family members are detained under the 2012 Security Offences Act, said Sabah police commissioner Datuk Hamza Taib. They are in the country under assumed names and in the Philippines they used different identities likewise, Commissioner Taib added.

In a media conference, with Army Field Cmdr. Lt Gen Datuk Seri Zulhiple Kassim, Police Commissioner Taib said their security forces are investigating Kiram’s family members as well as other terrorists involved in the armed intrusion into Sabah on February 12.

Also those who have links with the terrorists will be included in the investigation, said Taib, without saying when the suspects would have their day in court for prosecution.
Taib said 232 others had also been detained for various offences.

Situation in Sabah, to include Semporna and Lahad Datu, was under control, except at the Tanjung Labian where the remaining terrorists are being flushed out by security forces, he said.

As to the reported death of a suspect detained under the Act at the Semporna hospital, Police Commissioner Taib said the suspect died of sickness and did not commit suicide as alleged.

Source: Kiram’s relatives among 104 detained …


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