Dismantling of USS Guardian may be finished by March 23

Crane vessel Jascon 25 doing dismantling service stands beside USS Guardian

Head of Tubbataha Task Force Commodore Enrico Efren Evangelista has expressed confidence on Wednesday that the March 23 deadline for the total removal of the US Navy minesweeper USS Guardian stuck on Tubbataha Reef will be met, if the weather permits, the report said.

Evangelista said that during the past days good weather allowed his team to focus work on the ship’s dismantling.

The operations currently on-going is the clearing of equipment below the deck as well as the removal of sonar winch at the bow, Bautista said, referring to the next leg of the operation carried out using other sea vessels.

The Philippine Coast Guard said on Tuesday that it already has removed the mast and funnel of the ship.

It added that the US ship has now been salvaged to prevent further damage on the marine sanctuary.

Ten other vessels including a crane Jascon 25, barge Smit Borneo and US-issued salvage ship USS Salvor are present at the site.

The 79-man crew of the ill-fated minesweeper, will conduct a formal ceremony to honor the services of the 23-year-old USS Guardian. The US Navy warship is a 14th Avenger class minesweeper which is 224-foot or 68-meter long and 11.88 meters or 39 feet wide.

Source: PCG confident of beating deadline for USS Guardian’s dismantling


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a Uss Guardian, 23 year- old, 224-foot long

USS Guardian, 23-year old, 14th Avenger Class minesweeper.  Its length is 224 feet or 68 meters, with a width of 11.88 meters or 39 feet.


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