Algerian seige death toll includes 8 Filipinos

Mokhtar Belmokhtar

Mokhtar Belmokhtar

According to the Algerian government, 37 foreigners of 8 different nationalities and an Algerian were killed in the 4-day siege last week, ending on Saturday in a rescue operation by security forces, who captured 3 of the suspects.

Here’s the alleged cause of this hostilities:
Published on Jan 21, 2013

The Islamic terror cell allegedly responsible for the deadly siege in Algeria, says France is carrying out a “crusader campaign” in the region. Almost 60 hostages were killed after militants captured a remote gas plant, in retaliation for the ongoing French intervention in neighboring Mali.
The Islamists claim they wanted to negotiate the release of their captives, but the offer was turned down, with the Algerian military deciding to storm the facility – causing a bloodbath.
More terror attacks have now been promised – unless France ends its campaign in West Africa.
Some of the hostage-takers were militants from Libya – where Paris helped Islamists topple Colonel Gaddafi, who had warned of an impending Al Qaeda-surge in the region, as Polly Boiko reports.
The dead, injured and missing so far confirmed are as follows:
  • Filipinos: 8 dead; 1 missing; 12 survivors, including 4 who are recovering from their injuries at Algiers hospital;
  • Japanese: 9 dead; 1 missing, and 7 survivors
Speaking for the Filipino casualties, foreign affairs spokesman Raul Hernandez said without mentioning the names that most of them died of gunshot wounds and the effects of explosions.
Japan Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said
“We strongly condemn terrorist activities.”
“It is extremely regrettable,”Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe told reporters Thursday.
The report said the militants took by storm the natural gas plant where the Filipinos, Japanese and other nationalties were working and were taken captives, hostage and killed. The natural gas plant is a Japanese engineering firm called JGC Corporation which is located in a remote place of the Sahara Desert.
Islamist leader MOKHTAR BELMOKHTAR  featured in You Tube video below owns responsibility of the crime.
Filipino death toll …
Algiera siege – Japanese death toll …
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