England Richard III’s skeleton is finally confirmed

After 500 years King Richard’s skeleton was dug up and confirmed

After 500 years the skeleton discovered under a car park in Leicester was finally confirmed on Monday, February 4 as that of England King Richard III, known as one of history’s most notorious villains.

To the applause of press members present in the conference at the University of Leicester, lead archaeologist Richard Buckley announced that it is the conclusion of the university beyond reasonable doubt that the skeleton exhumed at Greyfriars in September 2012 is that of Richard III.

Using DNA, the king’s 500-year old skeleton matched with a descendant of the king’s sister, while the injuries to the body matched likewise with a person slain in battle.

Buckley said the king’s remains would now be re-buried at Leicester Cathedral.

Richard’s body on horseback from the battlefield to Leicester in central England was shown naked and bloody before being buried at Greyfriars.

King Richard III

Historians, it’s reported, are finally provided firm evidence about a monarch whose life has been blanketed in controversy ever since his death at the Battle of Bosworth in 1485.

The crown passed hands who depicted Richard as a “brutal, hunchbacked villain who stopped at nothing in his quest for power.”

Lead osteologist Jo Appleby said that Richard’s body bore 10 wounds, 8 on the skull and 2 on the body, which likely killed him, while others appeared as “humiliation injuries” done after his death, including a knife to his buttock.

Two descendants of Richard’s sister, Anne of York:   Michael Ibsen, and another person who elected anonymity, also had their DNS’ matched with the king’s skeleton, said Geneticist Turi King.

Historians are hopeful the new discovery will allow them to dispel some of the myths about Richard and look again at his achievements in his brief 2-year reign, including the establishment of a system of bail and legal aid.

The findings confirmed Richard had scoliosis, a twisted spine but disproves tales of Richard as having a twisted arm.

Philippa Langley, a member of the Richard III Society who coordinated and helped fund the search, said she hoped a new image would emerge of the king and “the two-dimensional character devised by the Tudors will be no more”.

She said that when she proposed 4 years ago to find the king’s remains in a car park everyone thought that she was out of her mind.  She added now that they’ve found him, it’s time for them to honor him.

Despite suggestions from some for Richard’s bones to be buried in the City of York, Richard’s power base, the team said it had agreed to re-buried them in Leicester Cathedral in a fitting ceremony likely to take place next year.

Buckingham Palace, the official seat of present-day monarch Queen Elizabeth II, has no comment, a spokesman said.

Source:  Skeleton under park …

COMMENT: Things of the past like this digging and confirming of King Richard III’s skeleton will undoubtedly enriched history.




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