Top sexual performer

Now at 25, model and beauty therapist NIKKI LEE from Essex, UK, has made 5000 men happy in bed in 9 eventful years with every detail recorded; averages 2 “Adams” per day;

At 16 she was no longer a virgin, she made it known publicly;

At 18 she moved out of home and in with friends and there were nearly 800 in her book;

At 21, she consulted her red notebook she had been a dutiful partner to 2,289 male playmates;

The rendezvous, the nesting site, the meeting place, the place of business, the venue of encounter would be interesting and varied as life itself; she has had sex in teen discos, nightclubs, cinemas, parks and alleyways. She also said she has done it on beaches, in clubs, and on balconies.

Talking of performance, she boasted about her “personal best” of 4 men in one night during a boozy holiday. Talking about the first time she had sex, Nikki said: that she discovered something she was good at.
She revealed that when she ran short of “Adams”, she would look in other countries for her opposite sex for 3 sex sessions per day.

And she kept details of her sex sessions in her own little red notebook –and scored each man out of ten. She was proud of how many men she was sleeping with and was scared she would lose count. Every lad she recorded she admitted was proof that she was more sexy than other girls. She put a star beside the lads who performed best in bed.

Healthwise: She’s careful and uses condoms as well as the contra-pill. Her behaviour isn’t to hurt anyone. She consults her local sexual health clinic every couple of weeks to make sure her lifestyle isn’t doing her any harm.

What sex expert say of her lifestyle? Sex experts opine that she’s damaging herself in more ways. Sexpert Dr Pam Spurr said: that she’s shocked Nikki has slept with so many men. It’s technically possible but emotionally it’s very dangerous.

aa Nikki Lee 1

UK woman claims to have had 5,000 sex partners

aa nikki lee 2



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