Dolphy’s death helps bettors


Philippine Comedy King Dolphy has a soft heart giving money to the poor and the less unfortunate and even in death people still believe Dolphy will continue showering them his love and compassion.

Right after Dolphy’s death, lotto bettors from the Visayas and Mindanao lined up in betting station to place Suertres bet on the number combination 834 the time (8:34p.m.) the comedy king breath his last, praying and hoping for Dolphy’s intercession. That day PCSO Regional Manager for the Visayas Federico Damole confirmed that by 10 a.m. Wednesday, the combination 834 was already sold out.

Masiao aficionados did the same that day.

Comes the official lotto 11:00 a.m. draw results. Dolphy did show his magnanimity, it was believed. 1,000 bettors won P4,500 prize money each for betting winning straight combination 834, while 1,200 others bagged P750 each for the rambolito play of the same combination.

Likewise, bettors on the same combination placed on the illegal masiao won and were as happy and thankful to the deceased comedy king.

A woman, the reports said, upon learning of Dolphy’s time of death, placed bet on 834 and won P2,000 in said illegal masiao, but isn’t sure if she’ll get paid. She learned that the illegal game financier in her barangay run short of cash to pay winners totaling P500,000 cash.

Death didn’t stop Dolphy from giving bettors fun | Inquirer … › Latest Entertainment StoriesShare

Jul 14, 2012 – Because PCSO outlets declared early that the 834 combination had been sold out, many of bettors decided to place bets with illegal Swertres 

Source: Dolphy’s time of death pays off for 2,200 bettors


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